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100% advance required for full paid voucher. All extras over and above the bill to be settled at the respective hotel / resort counter at time of check-out.
The advance is non-refundable or transferable. In case of any cancellations, charges for the entire period of stay are payable by the guests, whether room is occupied or not.
The advance is non refundable & non transferable. The standard cancellation penalty is one night's retention, if cancelled within 10 days of check in.
However, some tariffs may be non-refundable as per the hotel's policy. Over and above the hotel's cancellation charges, there would be a service fee of Rs. 250 applicable for all cancellations.
You shall be required to pay the entire amount (room rates Plus taxes applicable) prior to confirmation of your booking. Prices and room availability are not guaranteed until full payment is received.
There will be no refund for any unused nights including those resulting from delayed check in and early check out.
All other extra / incidental charges are to be settled by you directly with the hotel.
Check in & Check Out time as per the hotel / resort booked. Allocation of rooms are done at the reception, however specific request will be forwarded.
All rooms are subject to availability and receive of 100 % payment. The Management reserves to itself the right to add to, or alter or amend any of the above terms and conditions.
By agreeing to make payments and/or accept confirmation note/voucher, guests implicitly agree all the following terms & conditions and are aware of the clarifications and details provided as under:
Policy on refusal of the hotel to accommodate guests :
Guests are expected to adhere to local laws and Hotel rules during the stay and Travel Hungama shall not be responsible for any refunds if the guests is unable to comply to local law / Hotel rules and enforcement procedures / requirements.  In case hotel does offer a cancellation and refund for such a case, Travel Hungama would be pleased to forward to the guests in full. Please review list of conditions mentioned below when guests can be denied entry or even forcibly evicted.
List of conditions when guest can be denied entry or forcibly evicted.
One of the conditions that hotels have for a stay is "Management reserves the right refuse or grant admission". It does not happen often enough as being a part of hospitality industry hotels do not resort to the extreme.
However still there are situations where this clause is applied and some of those are listed as under:
  • Guest arrive without an Identification (Drivers License, Passport) for those destinations that require guests to identify at the time of check in. may be denied the use of the room that either was booked.
  • Hotels rooms are meant for a stay for visitors to the destination. However hotel rooms often get used by locals for Prostitution, "time out" by unmarried couples etc. Occupying hotel rooms by unmarried couples is illegal under Indian laws and therefore hotels have a right to refuse entry or evict any guests on this ground. Most reputed 3-star and above category hotels turn a blind eye and desist asking for matrimonial status proof in case of perfectly respectful and good mannered couples. However it’s the cheaper budget hotels which police keep an Eagle's eye for any local prostitution related activity and therefore hotel managements of these hotels are sometimes extremely edgy about this and may enforce the rule even for genuine guests. 
  • No illegal activity can be carried out in a Hotel Room. If found, Hotels may report to the police or more likely evict a guest immediately.
  • Local friends / visitors of the guests are not allowed to stay overnight in a hotel room with the guest. This may result into an immediate eviction.
  • Guests arriving at the hotel or found anytime during the stay completely drunk or not in a stable state to carry himself / herself in a dignified way, may be denied entry or forcibly evicted.
  • Guests that for any reason create some sort of nuisance for other guests then at the request of other guests, hotel can evict a guest immediately.
  • Any refusal to pay any charges at the hotel after using the service can result in eviction from the hotel & hotel may report to police.
  • Any major damage to hotel property may result into compensation or report to police.
  • Any scuffle with any staff member over any issue may result into an eviction.
Any refusal to adhere to rules and regulations of the hotels especially related to check out times can result into forced eviction from the hotel.
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