Welcome To Tathastu Resorts - Pench
God said….”TATHASTU” …a sanskrit word meaning… “granted as you desire”… and an ambitious dream came true! It all started
with a personal retirement plan that quickly grew into a mad passion to create a multi-specialty world-class destination. So it will become World-class destination… yet… it is ‘YOU’ who has to experience and decide!
‘Pench Tiger Reserve’ is spread over 785 sq. km. It was awarded the ‘Best Maintained Park Award’ in 2011 and attracts tourists from all over the world.
Wildlife population, especially that of Tigers has grown encouragingly. On an average, since 4 years, we have seen 4 to 5 tigress having litters which are 3 to 4 cubs each. Our park is a paradise for ‘bird watchers’ with 285 species. It also boasts of 45 butterflies, 33 Mammals, 1200 Plants and 13 Reptile species.