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Mahabaleshwar Hotel's (4400 ft)
(Mumbai-240 kms via Mahad and 280 kms Via Pune & Pune-120 kms)
Deluxe Category Resort / Hotel Standard Category Resort / Hotel
Brightland Resort & Spa Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar
Ramsukh Resorts Mahabaleshwar Honey Wood Holiday Homes
Hotel Fountain Mahabaleshwar Hotel Anarkali Mahabaleshwar
Hotel Surya Retreat Mahabaleshwar Hotel Rajesh Mahabaleshwar
Hotel Lake View Mahabaleshwar The Ishwar Inn Resort
Hotel Gautam Mahabaleshwar Suman Raj Resort
Sherwood Mahabaleshwar Panorama Resort Mahabaleshwar
Hotel Saket Plaza Mahabaleshwar Hotel Anand-Van-Bhuvan
Hotel Dreamland United 21 Mahabaleshawar
Citrus Resort Mahabaleshwar Arya Hotel Mahabaleshwar
Evershine Keys Resort Mahabaleshwar    
Bella Vista Resort Mahabaleshwar    
Le Meridian Resort & Spa    
Basic Category Resort / Hotel Heritage Syle
Hotel Poonam Mahabaleshwar Dina Hotel Mahabaleshwar
Gulmohar Bunglow Mahabaleshwar Fredrick Hotel Mahabaleshwar
    Pratap Heritage Mahabaleshwar
Panchgani Hotel's
(Mumbai - 245 kms via Mahad or 260 kms via Pune & Pune : 100 kms)
     Deluxe Category       Standard Category
Summer Plaza Resort Panchgani Lords Panchgani
Blue Country Resort Hotel Prospect
Hotel Millennium Park Panchgani Hotel Ravine
The Dhanhills Panchgani Cliff Inn Resorts Panchgani
Hotel Mount Castle Panchgani    
Basic Category Heritage Syle
Mount View Hotel Panchgani Health Resort
IL - Palazzo Hotel Panchgani Swarg Bunglow Panchgani
    White House Panchagani
Panchgani 3 Bedroom Bunglow Panchgani 04 Bedroom Bunglows

She sits on the throne, draped in mist and clouds. The queen of hill stations in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar stands at an altitude of 1372 meters, above sea level. Mahabaleshwar, which means “the god of great power”, is said to be dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Known for its historical relevance and breathtaking views of valleys, this hill station is famous amongst the tourists.

The flora and fauna of Mahabaleshwar makes it distinct. The jungles are thick and houses panthers, deers, Bisons and Bulbuls. It is also tested of containing ideal 20% oxygen in its air. Thus it provides ultimate relief to many city-goers eager to breathe unpolluted air.

Riding through the cities of Mahabaleshwar, one can notice the stamped architectural designs of British era. Apart from the old buildings, Mahabaleshwar offers 30 look out points that overlook the serene beauty of Western Ghats.

Historical relevance of Mahabaleshwar
Situated at the source of river Krishna, Mahabaleshwar was built by the Yadava king Singhan in 1215.
In the middle of the 16th century the Maratha family of Chandarao More, became rulers of Mahabaleshwar,
In the 17th century the great Maratha idol, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj constructed the impregnable fort at Pratapgad in 1656.

In 19th century, Colonel Lodwick climbed up this hill station and brought it into focus in the British community. Thereafter, Mahabaleshwar was declared as the summer capital of Bombay Presidency.

Places to visit

Panchaganga Mandir
  This temple houses five stone conduits which has waters flowing from five holy rivers Krishna, Venna, Koyna, Savitri and Gayatri. These five rivers further join into the cow face spout. However the most striking feature of this temple is that river “ganga” flows through one of the stone conduit every 12 years.
Mahabaleshwar Temple
  Designed in a south Indian temple style, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and a ‘ling’ worship is performed here. There is said to be live spring below the ling.
Hanuman Mandir
  This temple is said to be the resting-place of the saint Rama Dassa, who taught his disciples including Shivaji Maharaja here.



Lookout Points

Lodwick Point

It is called so to commemorate the memory of the English General. It offers exotic landscape of the Western Ghats.


Arthur’s Seat

  This point offers the most mesmerizing view of the valleys.

Helen’s Point

  This point overlooks the points of Panchgani.
Other points include Elphinstone Point, Kate’s Point, The Window, etc.

Other places to visit

Catholic Church
This old Roman Catholic Holy Cross church must be a definite visit. Though deserted now, it still maintains its old charm.
Morarji Castle
This castle played host to Mahatma Gandhi in 1945.
Pratapgad Fort
This is 24 Kms. away from Mahabaleshwar. This fort is best remembered for killing of Afzal Khan by Maratha ruler, Shivaji. The fort was built in 1656 by Moropant Trimak Pingle, under the command of the Maratha ruler Shivaji.


The narrow streets of this hill station are famous for bazaars that sell inexpensive shoes, tribal trinkets and leather goods. It is famous for blackberries, strawberries, jams and jellies. Presence of medicinal plants and trees offer a wide variety of natural medicines.
How to get to Mahabaleshwar
Nearest airport is Pune, 120kms.
Nearest railhead is Wathar, but Pune is more convenient railhead.
By Road, Mumbai _ Mahabaleshwar via Mahad is 247kms.
Buses ply regularly between Pune - Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai - Mahabaleshwar.

Where to stay

  There are several resorts, hotels and bungalows in the hill station. Some of them are listed below:
*Citrus Resort
*Many more hotels are 3-5 star available.
Several bungalows are found on the Panchgani Road.
Best Time to Visit
Most of the tourists visit the hill station to escape the summers of the plains. Monsoons have also been a favourable season for the visit of nature lovers. The ideal time to visit can be between October to June.
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