Welcome To Hotel Umang - Sasan Gir
It is highly unlikely that those planning a tour to Gujarat will leave out Sasan Gir. Tour to Sasan Gir is a thrilling idea. To know in detail about Sasan Gir one should understand its history. The culture of Gir is abundantly reflected through its traditional customs, cuisine, art and architecture. Gir culture is in tandem with tradition and modern lifestyle. Gir shows colors of its earlier period culture at one hand and sophisticated and modern lifestyle on the other hand. Culture of Sasan Gir gives details of the legacy of its royal past. It is important to know about the traditions, culture and customs of Sasan Gir. The cultural story of Sasan Gir is not so deep but the people here pursue non rigid culture. The climate of Sasan Gir is of the extreme kind. The summers are scorching, with temperatures reaching 44 °C at times, while winters are chilly. People of Sasan Gir are very friendly and bid warm well com to the visitors. Many festivals are celebrated in Sasan Gir and life in Sasan Gir is to a great extent simple.