Welcome To Gir Pride Resort - Sasan Gir
Let the chirping of the Birds wake you up in the morning!
Let the rising sun greet you to start the day with utter freshness!!
Have a day then filled with lots of activity!! Pick your choice of vegetables from the farm around, witness the magic of food cooked on fire wood!
Run around various places of your interest... to ensure you are hungry enough to have your local delight meals. Melt your evening being lazy and strolling around acres of farm.
Ever gone to bed at night after counting the stars? Ever heard the wilderness of the forest whispering and chirping to you in a language you would ever wonder! Ever felt the darkness with chilled wind hugging you?
Have you ever miled a cow? Ever kids seen where and how vegetables and fruits grow? When was it last you had a swim in the river? Wonder a chhakdaa ride or bullock cart ride? If yes, this is the place, you ought to be packing to!
That’s what Gir Pride Resort offers you to your much awaited care free holidays! We are situated in the middle of the forest area, within the range of a lion’s roar and deer’s bark! (Gir National forest area is a total of 1412 square kilometers),
Play with pea cocks, peahens, fowls, pigeons, grouse & rabbits wandering within the campus!