Welcome To Fern Greenleaf Resort - Ganpatipule
As the name says it all, The Fern Courtyard Resort is designed like an Courtyard all four sides surrounded by different Categories of Rooms, Restaurants etc.
Situated at Ganpatipule an immensely popular tourist destination known for its Pristine and Crystal Clear Blue and Sun kissed Sea and one of the most visited Swayambhu ( Naturally Sculptured ) Lord Ganesha Temple, Courtyard The Resort is nestled on top of the valley for you to enjoy an birds eye view of the Arabian sea on one side and on the other an stretch of the lush green valleys of the Ganpatipule it makes it an ideal getaway near Mumbai, Pune as its just an 6-7 hours very scenic drive/ rail journey.
Offering Sheer Luxurious and Lavishly well equipped rooms with all the modern amenities to give you an outmost comfortable & an memorable stay and experience, Ideally its Your Home Away from Home.