Kerala “Collect moments, not things.”


If different colours represented each of our diverse and distinct Indian states, then Kerala would undeniably be ‘Green’! God’s Own Country, as it is fondly and rightfully known, is complete with lush green landscapes, rolling tea estates, picturesque backwaters, the majestic Nilgiri Mountains and distinct wildlife that defines and describes this southern beauty of a land. Kerala has its own unique charm that brings together the different experiences of a rich heritage, ethnic culture, vibrant locals and delicious coastal cuisines. Soaking in the flamboyant vibes of this destination is equivalent to a peaceful meditation of the mind, body and soul! When you plan a journey to this southern paradise where landscapes are green as far as the eyes can see, keep a lookout for these 10 top rated tourist places to visit in Kerala (in no particular order) that will capture your heart and take your breath away!