Welcome To Country Side - The Farm - Alibaug
Come home to nature...... Peacefully located on the coast of Alibaug are the Mandva - Sasawne farmlands and beaches. What better way to spend a 2 Days weekend?
While a stress free and relaxed stay in prime indulgence. Fine cuisine is the part of the holiday experience. The Seasoned greens, Spiced meat and Sumptuous seafood make up for a coastal treat from the Konkan.
Countryside Farm offers a unique mix of innovative design, featuring a modern day approach that is comfortable and refreshing. It is the experience for guests who seeks style & simplicity. Treat yourself to a luxurious, trendy environment and discover paradise of Mandwa beach Water Sports.
Countryside Farm offers it's guests a peaceful retreat well isolated from noisy traffic, which make it a convenience place for those who are looking for budget but still high quality accommodation.
Come and enjoy your small world with home comfort amenities in spacious rooms & tasteful modern equipped.
We are a superb Farm House with a serene atmosphere that radiates comfort & ease.
We are ready and waiting to make your holiday the most memorable, blissful experience that Alibaug has to offer.
Cruise By Sea :
  • Set Sail from Gateway Of India for Mandwa Jetty.
  • Hire an auto for Countryside Farm, Sasawne (2km).
From Mumbai:
  1. Take Mumbai - Goa Highway(NH 17).
  2. Reach Vadkhal Naka via Vashi - Panvel - Pen.
  3. Take Alibaug Road straight upto Karlekhind via Poynad.
  4. Turn right to RCF Road towards Choundi.
  5. Reach T - junction at Kankeshwar Phata.
  6. Turn right on Rewas Road for Choundi.
  7. Reach Mhatre Phata via Choundi - Zirad.
  8. Turn left for Coountryside Farm, Sasawne(2 km).
From Pune:
  1. Take Mumbai - Pune Expressway.
  2. Come out from Khopoli exit.
  3. Turn left on Khopoli - Pen road.
  4. Reach Pen via Khalapur.
  5. Follow directions from point 2 above.