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Hotels In Chiplun :

Quality Resort The RiverView Chiplun Pagoda Retreat Chiplun
Hotel Shalom International Chiplun Hotel Abhiruchi - Chiplun
Hotel Ayodhya - Chiplun Hotel Reemz - Chiplun
Hotel Sailee - Chiplun Hotel Samartha Savali
Vidya Konkan Agro - Chiplun    
Chiplun is a peaceful little town on the banks of the Vashisthi River. It is located 250 Km from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Goa highway. It is ideal for conferences that require peace and quiet, but are still relatively close to Mumbai. A ride in the Vashisti River or a trek in the nearby hills around Chiplun is the perfect way to unwind.
Parshuram Temple
A 700-year old temple, within walking distance from the Taj Garden Retreat.
Sawatsada Waterfall
Sawatsada Waterfall is a monsoon attraction that is situated just 3 km from the Taj Garden Retreat.
Walavalkar Shivaji Museum
This unique museum depicts the life history of the great Maratha ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji. The museum is located 30 km from the hotel, en route to Dherwan on the Mumbai-Goa highway.


Guhagar Beach

Located around 55 km from the hotel, Guhagar beach is a virgin and unspoilt beach, lapped by the waters of the Arabian Sea.


Vashisiti River Jetty

Located 10 km from the hotel, the Vashisti River Jetty offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy motorboat rides in the river - provided that the water level is high enough!

Koyna Dam and reservoir

The Koyna dam and reservoir, located 45 km from the hotel is a sight to behold, and well worth the drive!

Velneshwar South and Hedvi South

These are beautiful temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Ganesh respectively. They are located at a distance of 60-65 km from the hotel, off the road to Guhagar.


Veldoor is a spot, 65 km from the hotel, which offers breathtaking views of the Vashisti River meeting the Arabian Sea.


This is another beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located 60 km from Chiplun on the Devrukh Road and is built amidst the rock face in such a manner that a visitor has to pass through a cave to see the deity.
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