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A City is defined not only by its homes but also by how much it lets you do out side of home.
At Aamby Valley City, you can indulge in a multitude of recreational activities; from soothing Kerala Ayurvedic massage to frendzied dancing at the disco, from cruises across the lakes to horse rides down the values, from shopping at the malls to dining at the restaurants, from table tennis indoors to hockey on the ice... Aamby Valley City provides you with ample opportunities to live it up, morning, noon and night!
The Mall:
The ultra modern entertainment hub of Aamby Valley panningalong the scintillating 2 kms waterfront stretch approachable from more than a kilometer long and beautifully landscape pedestrain track.
  • Sail Bridge.
  • Fisherman's Wharf.
  • Lagoon Complex.
  • Cabana.
  • Ghat.
  • Artisan's Village.
  • 3Bs.
  • Naga Village.
  • Pirate Boat.
  • Watch Tower.
  • Campfire Point.
  • Pantoon Boats.


When a discotheque is built like the Titanic, the waves experienced on the dance floor can only be colossal
Tucked away amidst the quiet surroundings of the valley is our resounding Titanic-shaped discotheque that belts out chartbusters collected from all over the world. Fired up by dazzling lights, the dance floor is every reveller's favourite spot. And, there's more that will put a song in your heart - a leisure lounge, theme bar stocked with every conceivable beverage and a multi-level restaurant that serves sumptuous cuisine. Saunter in for a groovy, unforgettable experience.
Club Complex:
Health, fitness and beauty are what you will rediscover at our Club Complex.
A Kerala ayurvedic massage centre, beauty salon, health club, dome complex for indoor sports, gymnasium, splash pool, solar-powered swimming pool, and even a party deck and fast food corner... the interim club complex offers an enriching environment where you can soothe your senses and rejuvenate your body.
Leisure Lounge:
Leisure acquires a new dimension: 17,800 sq.ft.
The sprawling Leisure Lounge at Aamby Valley City is designed to international standards and presents a plethora of enjoyable activities in which you can indulge, every morning, noon and night.

Browse the Internet at our high-speed cyber cafe, snuggle up with a book at our Reading Lounge, stretch your muscles at our yoga centre, play tennis, squash, badminton, table-tennis, chess, carom and PC games at our Power Sports centre, take a snooze at our dimly-lit soundproof Siesta Room, amuse yourself and your children at our supervised creche, relax in our designer lounge, or even shop for souvenirs and interseting knick-knacks at our gift store.

Visit our Leisure and Recreation Lounge often. The width and depth of our services remains unmatched in all of India.
Open-Air Theatre:
Global events, home-spun plays, flok tales, dance dramas-all transformed into delightful experiences under the vast sky above our grand open-air theatre. The impact of the surround-sound systems and high-tech lighting facilities, especially imported from overseas, heighten the live performance and give you a heartfull of memorable moments to carry home.
Town Plaza:
Centrally-located and spread across 60,000 sq.ft in an 8-acre site, Town Plaza buzzes with activity as residents bustle around-shopping for groceries and medicines, rushing for movie tickets, withdrawing instant cash from ATMs, partying at the bar, browsing bestsellers at the reading lounge, chatting gaily at the cyber cafe, and of course, having fun at the kid's play area.
Adventure Accademy:
Set off on long walks amidst the woods and wild flowers; trek into the hills, climb up the rocks, bask in the rays streaming onto the summit. When you look down intp the breathtaking valley sprawling under your feet, you will hear a soft murmur. It will come from your heart.

Stop for the night snf build a campfire. Curl up under a blanket of stars. At day break, take one of two ways down-the unhurried, long way or the short, straight way-rappel or bungee jump! Back on the ground, you can cycle around, shoot arrows into targets or even can cycle around, shoot arrows into targets or even skeet. But lay down your wepons before you visit the elephants, for we will not hunting at our SUV Safari.

At the Adventure Academy, we will also train corporates and equip leaders with skills needed to build high-morale teams, motivate groups and manage stress. And of-course, we will teach basic survival and mind-mapping techniques, too.
Aqua Sports:
You are sure to go H2Ohhh!

Soothe your senses as you cruise slowly along the lakes. Or feel the adrenaline rush as the hills zoom by in a blur. At Aamby Valley City, you can splish-splosh through the lakes in a paddle-boat or vroom into the waves on a jet ski; go kayaking and even tow-riding.

Rise above the surf-leap to slam-dunk or jump to power-dink at the water Basketball and Volleyball arenas. Or, spring up and down on the water trampoline.

If your body feels like lying low, roll onto your back and float blissfully while you count the clouds sail by high above the Floating Pool.

You can also gaze at their puffy white reflections floating along the lake as you sit quietly and angle in some fish.

At Aamby Valley City, the spine-tingling aqua spports will keep you enthralled, all year round!
Transform a journey on horseback into an evergreen experience.

Horses are among nature's finest creations. At Aamby Valley City, we reside in the aura of these magnificent animals-17 Marwari and Katiawadi horses, shining black thoroughbreads and silky white ponies. We nourish them with fresh hay and oats and brush their coats till they glisten in the early morning rays.

Gallop across verdant acres astride these swift and majestic animals. The only sounds you will hear are hooves hitting the ground, the wind as it flows through the thoroughbred's mane and the beat of your racing heart.

Trot slowly, if you're a leaner. These gentle and sensitive animals will keep pace with you. Why, they'll even draw your Victorian carriage and take you clip-clopping down the gravelled avenues of Aamby Valley City!
In the ancient times, kings and queens were waited on hand and foot. At Aamby Valley City, we confer the same royal treatment on you.

We pamper you with a wide range of fragrant Kerala Ayurvedic massages. Our expert masseurs possess the knack of selecting the right ayurvedic herbs and mixing them with coconut oil to make invigorating pastes tyhat open the pores on your skin and rejuvenate your body.

The indulgent services continue at our gymnasium where our certified gym instructors pay special attention to your fitness requirements, making you detailed exercise schedules and diet plans that guarantee you enjoy good health and happiness.

At our yoga centre, our practise yoga teachers teach you how to claim your senses and focus your internal strength on cleansing your being, so you stay alert and refreshed all through the day.

Visit our health centres often. We'll escort you into sessions that will energise your mind and revitalise your body.
Activity Zone:
Our Activity Zone is sure to get your adrenaline rushing

Zip down winding water slides that end in a splash pool, zoom across the expansive lakes on our jet ski scooters, indulge in a shopping spree at our mall, dig into the buffets at our multi-cusine restaurants, travel around the city in our air-conditioned coaches, and propel your business into a profit making venture from our internationally-designed office areas.
Assisted Living:
We've thoughtfully designed our city to provide our senior citizens with every amenity that makes living a joy. A scenic village especially designed to meet their requirements accomodates comfortable single-bedroom homes that open into porches, a centrally-located reception with an ATM facility and of course, medical and recreational centres, which are just a few minutes away from the residential area.
A Circus is probably the last place you'd expect to visit in a city situated at the foothills of a mountain range. But, Aamby Valley City provides the extraordinary. Reowned international and Indian artistes will come together to entertain you with splendidly choreographed performances rendered unforgettable against a backdrop of coloured light and clear sound.
Residential's Club:
When it comes to family, we will always be generous with privileges

We regard our esteemed Resident's Club is a special privilege we offer our valued patrons. In additiona to an exciting range of leisure and recreational activities, the Resident's Club will offer state-of-the-art business facilities including a board room, forex desk, corporate library, coffee shop and of course, secretarial services.
The Call are wild; the adventure, spine-tingling.

Drive down into open ranges for a face to face encounter with the King of the Jungle and His untamed herd. Take a pretty picture as exotic birds fly overhead and multi-coloured butterflies flutter atop rare flowers. The experience will be live exclusive-at the Aamby Valley Safari.
Snow Park:
Very few places in India receive snowfall during winter. Of these, only ONE will receive snowfall even during the summer, and all through the year.

We will build a large chemical-free snow park, complete with a championship ice-skating rink, challenging skiing slopes and a snow area dedicated to the children. So you can launch snowballs at your friends in February, build a snow man in May and ski down the slopes in September while the rest of India sweats through the sweltering year.
Sports Academy:
The Aamby Valley Sports Academy will accomodate centres for all sports-field games (cricket, soccer, rugby, badminton and table-tennis), ball games (basketball and volleyball), winter sports (ice-hockey and ice-skating), fitness (wrestling, martial arts, cardio and aerobics), athletics and even swimming!

Like any international academy, ours will encompas training centres, sports gear shops, changing rooms, audience stands, and even a food court. And, we will have added attractions-a national sports museum, residentail complex with sports medicine and physiotherapy rooms.

Equipped with such an extensive range of facilities and services, the Aamby Valley Sports Academy will beci\ome Indi's centre for sports excellence.
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